Five Benefits of Modern Garage Doors

Published On July 3, 2016 | By Kenzie Antiro | News

If you have purchased an older home, then you should examine the garage door to see if it needs to be replaced. An older door may be damaged, which would make it easier for someone to gain access to your house, and certain models can pose a danger to children or pets. Here are five of the many benefits of replacing an old garage door with a modern, insulated garage door.

Prevents Accidents

Many older garage doors are made in such a way that fingers can be pinched when trying to close them. In addition, older mechanisms can fail and cause the door to abruptly fall, which could cause serious injuries to someone standing beneath the door at the time. When you replace the old garage door with a new one, you will prevent potential accidents that could send someone to the hospital or damage your property.

Reduces Energy Costs

Most older garage doors are not insulated, so they allow the temperatures in the garage to change with the weather. Since most garages are attached to the house, the heat or cold from the garage can seep into the house and force the air conditioner or boiler to work harder to maintain a consistent temperature. However, modern garage doors are insulated, which can prevent extreme temperature fluctuations and reduce energy bills by helping to maintain a constant temperature.

Increases Home Security

The garage can be the perfect entry point for burglars if the garage door is old, in disrepair, or accidentally left open. Insulated garage doors provide better security because they are constructed more sturdily, making it more difficult to break in your garage and your house. In addition, you can get them equipped with keypads and remote access to ensure they cannot be broken into or to close the door if you didn’t close it when you left the house.

Keeps Garage Cleaner

An older door with a broken seal can allow more dust to be blown into your garage, which will cover your car and the other items stored in it. In addition to dust, leaves, and other debris, pests can gain access to the garage because of bad seals and then enter your home. You can find replacement garage doors here to keep your garage cleaner and help keep insects, mice, and other pests out of your house.

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Adds to Home’s Value

A new garage door will add to the appearance of your home and help increase the value of it. You can purchase a new door in almost any colour that you want to best match the exterior of your home. In addition, since new garage doors are better constructed and are fire-rated, they can help keep your home more secure which will improve your home’s resale value.

Roller garage doors are easy to operate and they are easiest for homeowners to maintain. Whether you have an older home, or are having a new one built, you need to make sure to purchase an insulated garage door for it.

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