Steps to Making a Quick House Sale

Published On June 10, 2015 | By Kenzie Antiro | House Sale

Making a quick house sale is not just about having the perfect home in the perfect location with the right real estate agent. There are many things that the homeowner can do to make a house more enticing to buyers.

1. Always remember curb appeal. What is the first thing a person notices when they drive up to your house? Having the right feel can make it easier to have a quick house sale. Make sure you keep the lawn mowed, keep the kids toys picked up (and preferably in the back yard), and add some seasonal landscaping if you can. A few annuals along the sidewalk or just at the front door can add a much needed splash of color.

2. Pack up everything in your home that you don’t need for day to day use. Make way for the buyers to see this with their furniture in it and you make way for a quick house sale. It is vital that you pack up the majority of nick-nacks you have sitting around. Think minimal when you think about selling. Less is definitely more.

3. Have the carpet professionally cleaned. This will give the house a look of new with the comfort of lived-in.

4. Keep the house picked up and organized – especially if real estate agents can come by without an appointment (and the more access they have, the easier it is to make a quick house sale).

5. If an agent does call to say he is bringing a buyer to look at your house, then take a walk with the kids (or go for a drive or go to the store). Give the buyer peace and quite to view the home.

6. Offer concessions for a quick house sale. Agree to pick up the closing costs or to give a discount or cash at closing if the house can close by a specific date.

Making a quick house sale, even in this buyers market, doesn’t take a miracle. Talk to your real estate agent and make your needs for a quick sale known. Ask them for advice on making a quick house sale. Then do everything in your power to make your home the envy of the block.

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