Top Reasons To Live In Singapore As An Expat

Published On August 30, 2016 | By Kenzie Antiro | Real Estate

Singapore is consistently seen as one of the best places in the world to live as an expat. The city has many advantages when it comes to living and working here, which means that Singapore is a place that many people fall in love with after only a short time.

Read this helpful guide which offers an insight into what Singapore has to offer. Who knows, this could ultimately influence your decision on whether to move here!

Great Housing

Singapore is world-renowned for its standard of housing, which ranges from simple condominiums to luxury villas. Having a house which feels like a welcome haven after a long day at work is important. Whilst house prices may seem high at first glance, look around for good deals on a comfortable yet affordable place to live. See the latest rooms for rent in Singapore. You won’t be disappointed, and may even end up with the best rental property you have ever had in your life.

World-Class Infrastructure

Singapore is one of the wealthiest nation-states in the world. As a result, the city boasts some of the finest infrastructure anywhere to be seen. Hospitals are plentiful and offer a fantastic service, the roads are expertly maintained and amenities are easily available.

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Living as an expat with these amenities readily available makes Singapore instantly attractive to thousands of foreign workers every year. The world-class infrastructure helps to give new arrivals peace of mind that their every need can be comfortably catered for here.

Amazing Food

Singapore is comprised of an array of different cultures from Malay to Chinese. The mix of cultures results in a truly breath-taking choice of food on offer. There is food here to suit all tastes, from street stalls selling delicious kebabs to five-star restaurants offering delicious fusions of flavours from around the globe. Singapore really is a food lover’s paradise, so don’t be afraid to get stuck in and try as many different dishes as possible. The food here is one of the biggest reasons that so many expats stay here for so long!

Multicultural And Tolerant

Singapore is a diverse mix of people coming from all corners of the globe. People have arrived here from Malaysia, India and China in the past. The diversity here means that an array of religions and languages are practised and spoken in the city. The influx of expats also means that Western culture has made an impact on Singapore without diminishing the Asian influences.

High Standard Of Living

Whilst Singapore may seem expensive to the outside world, the city offers an extremely high standard of living. Expat wages are amongst some of the largest in the world, so a higher cost of living is a small price to pay for living in such a great environment.

Hopefully, this article has whetted your appetite for living in Singapore. Why not start researching a move today?

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