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Have you owned an income property for some time now, you know that it can really be financial rewarding to manage a rental. Also, you may discover that managing a property requires big commitment of effort and time.

Although you can always prefer to take the do-it-yourself approach, living close to your house and not minding committing many hours per month to the task, often this is not practical, particularly when you look forward to expanding your business. The following are some tasks a good property manager like Ashland Property Management is expected to perform for you.

Setting the correct rental rates

As you look through the classified in order to know what other landlords charge for similar properties is a good way for ballparking your rent price, a great property management company will perform a thorough market study to set a reasonable price for your property making sure you achieve the right balance between maximizing income per month and maintaining a low vacancy rate.

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Getting and depositing rent payments every month promptly

 In case you have worked in a billing division, you surely know that getting client payments can be tough and awkward. Property managers have tried and tested systems in place to collect rent and maintain prompt payments. This is necessary when you have a limited number of properties and getting payments on a timely manner is critical to maintain your cash flow.

Market and Advertise your Property

Because of their long experience, property managers will have knowledge of where to market your property and how to make compelling marketing materials. This is an advantage in terms of quickly filling your properties and avoiding long vacancies.

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Searching for the right tenant

Seasoned property management companies are experts in searching for great tenants. They are responsible for taking care of details that include getting criminal background, doing security checks, verifying employment, running credit reports and collecting previous references of landlords.

Managing tenants

 Apart from finding great tenants, a property manager has the ability to manage every aspect of the tenant-landlord relationship. He will handle the routine and emergency maintenance, deal with routine inspections and manage situations that require conflict resolution.

Managing vendor relationship

 Property managers have relationships with tradesmen, maintenance workers, vendors and suppliers that an independent landlord cannot nearly duplicate. Aside from getting you the perfect work the perfect price, they will supervise necessary maintenance projects.

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Making sure you comply with housing regulations and property laws

There are a lot of applicable regulations and laws to abide by when it comes to renting and maintaining your property for rent. Such include state, federal and local regulations and well as fair housing regulations. Property managers can be helpful in avoiding lawsuits by keeping one’s property updated and complies with such regulations.

Allowing you to invest in distant properties

When you manage your properties by yourself, you will be limited to investment opportunities within a strict radius of your property. Hiring a property manager allows you to avail of investment opportunities in any location.

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